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Dimapur :

The getaway to the state of Nagaland was the capital of Erstwhile Kachari Kingdom and you can visit the ruins of dating back to 13th Century. Visitors can also go to the unique Dimapur Super Market to witness the unique products and food sold there.  


The Capital of Nagaland is a picturesque hill city. Tourists can visit  Kohima War Cemetery, Kisama Heritage Village, Japfu Peak, Khonoma Village, Touphema Village. 

Dzukou Valley:

Dzukou Valley (2438m) is situated at a distance of about 30kms from the state capital, Kohima. Gorgeous Dzukou valley is a trekker’s delight and is reckoned to be the best trekking circuit in the country.


The land of Konyak Nagas, famed for warriors with tattoos on face, head hunting prowess and blackened teeth people, Mon is a fascinating place to be in Nagaland.  Longwa (the biggest village in Mon district), which shares border of Myanmar, you can actually have the opportunity to have half of your body in India and other half in Myanmar. The chief’s house, where the chief resides with his 60 wives, is also a major attraction in Longwa.

The large number of trophies made of animals’ skull in the residence is some unforgettable sight. Shangnyu Village and its famed wooden carving, Veda Peak and Chui Village are some of the other attractions in Mon. 


Longleng is the home of the Phom tribe who is famed for their spectacular skill in pottery, spinning, and bamboo work. The best time to visit this place is during the festive season, and the main festival here is Monyu festival, which marks the end of winter and the commencement of summer in Nagaland. It is a 6-day long festival and is a spectacle for tourists to watch. Apart from this, Longleng boasts of some of the serene and tranquil landscapes in Nagaland that is sure to lure tourists to this place. 


Where Nagaland brags of some of the beautiful destinations with natural beauty, Wokha truly is a paradise and delight for nature lovers with its multi-colored flowers, hills, river, and whatnot. Wokha is home to the Lotha tribe, and travelers here can interact with the tribe. The place is a 4-hour drive from the capital of Nagaland. There is a tourist village above a place called Riphyim, which is a prominent attraction and provides a beautiful view of the dam of Donyan River.


Kiphire is an awe-inspiring district in Nagaland. It is an ideal destination for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers as they can indulge themselves in trekking, rafting, and canoeing. The highest peak in Nagaland, Mount Saramati, lies in Kiphire, which is also a major attraction here.

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